How to move in Unity?

There are no explainations about how to move in Unity… I suppose there is some code to put in… could you please give it to us? Otherwise I found all the Unity part irrilevant…

Hi Massimiliano_Uldaric,

What do you mean by “moving in Unity” ? Do you mean the editor itself or in game?

Unity is a game engine / editor so it all depends what type of game you are making. You could have a 2d game where you control something in game in 2 axis only or you could have a 3d game and camera is 3rd person or 1st person. Or you could have multiple cameras. These are just few examples of many possible setups.

The course is 3d modeling course and game assets section would be relevant if you want to build assets to games. Controlling camera or moving it in 3d space would get very specific related to game programming. If you want to take a look there’s a bunch of good videos in the YouTube if you search with “Unity 1st person controller”. These utilize standard assets and it’s very easy to get started if you have some understanding of Unity and programming.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

Hi Jax, on chapter 179 Mike let us see how he import the Ghotich Church into Unity and then he show that he can walk through the church but without explaining how to make it happen. I’m a programmer and I know a little how to use Unity but it would had helped if he would have spent 2 minutes explaining how to make that happen… Anyway I will look for where you pointed at me… thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi again,

Yeah, I just took a look that bit. He has imported the Unity Standard Assets and more over added the FPS controller on the scene. When he presses play he can use WSAD to move around the game world.

I think it’s easier to take a look a tutorial on YouTube that for me to try to write down all the stuff what to do :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

I’ve not yet started the Blender course, so I am not familiar with the specific lecture - however, if Mike was in the Scene view, you can use right mouse button and then the WASD keys to move around. If you hold down shift you can move faster. You need to obviously be in 3D mode for this to work.

If Mike was in the Game scene, chances are he may have added a character which would have either the first or third person controller attached to it.

In the Standard Assets, if you tick the Characters option you will be able to get a model called “Ethan”, drag and drop him into the scene with your model and I believe, by default, you will get the ability to move him with the keys and mouse. If not, it’ fairly straight forward to get him set up.

Covered very nicely in the Unity RPG Course

See also;

Ok, I’ve found a tutorial and set it up. Now I can move around my church… :wink: Thanks for your kind help.
Cheers from Italy

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