How to move assets between two projects?


Hi, I have two projects which hold the assets, etc with same names.

But when i try to move the assets from old project to new project, using the export import .unitypackage method. After importing in new project, all the linked/referenced stuff like meshes/sfx/vfx, etc are missing.

I’m guessing it would be something related to the prompts mentioning about the files exist but with different GUID and overwriting.

Is there any method that I can try to move the assets from old to new project without losing the links/references?

Please help :frowning:

It depends on the links or references. You’re taking the right approach, but it doesn’t always work out.

For assets from the Unity Asset Store, they are generally shipped with their .meta files intact. This means, for example, that if you purchased the Synty Polygon Fantasy Kingdom pack and installed it in both projects, any references to the Polygon Fantasy Kingdom assets should work just fine when transferring say a Game Scene from one project to the other.

If, on the other hand, I downloaded a character and animations from Mixamo and had them in both projects, a scene referencing these assets would NOT be able to find the assets in the other project because when you import those assets, new GUIDs are created for the items.

Is there any method that we can move the assets from old to new project without losing the links/references even with different GUIDs?

Theoretically, as long as the have same GUID in .meta files, they will still have the same linked references, right?

If yes, do we have maybe something like a tool to change them have same GUIDs in bulk at once?

No, full stop.

That’s how they’re recognized and re-linked from a UnityPackage import, by GUID. If the GUID is different, they won’t be relinked and the reference will be “missing”

No, and attempting to do so will cause a mismatch between the Asset Database and the Meta files.

Okay, very clear enough, thank you Brian!

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