How to model this wired shape

I was trying to model low poly cybertruck, but I got stuck on the part here:


The part has like two flat rectangles that are not on the same plane perfectly blending in triangular shape…

This is what I managed to pull off:

but it’s far from ideal as now my surfaces must be on the same plane or the joining has to be visible.

How to approach that kind of things?

Like so I guess.

Thanks for quick answer!

hmm :thinking:

But now:


rotate 1 around X in one direction and 2 in the other… will it work to produce smooth shape?

ah… now I see it… I used wrong reference… there was probably some post processing done in the image I showed in the first post… Here is the correct one from Tesla official site:

There is clearly a joining there, not like the one I used…

Lesson learnt: use better reference images (ah, but it was frustrating couple of hours trying to get two angled rectangles along different planes to smoothly join).

Btw. Here is my “final” render:

Edit: PS. I thought that Cybertruck had easy geometry/easy design. Just after trying to model it I got to appreciate both the complexity and the genius of the design…


Two fun facts.

  1. The first reference was also from Tesla’s official site (but it’s physically impossible to have this kind of shape… without photoshoping it :wink: )
  2. All the cars have this kind of “imperfect” joining between the hood, the side and the front window (now I see it in every car on the street :sweat_smile:)
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