How to merge/close the gap on pillars?

There is a gap on the center of the pillar, maybe because I did something wrong with mirrioring. How can I mearge them or close the gaps? Thanks.


Have you ticked the ‘merge’ box in the mirror modifier.
Probably solve all issues here. verts can then be dragged towards the mirror line and they will ‘clip’ together.

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I already applied mirror without ticking the ‘merge’ box and I have edited it so far to undo now.

Ok select and delete one half and add a new mirror.
Turn on clipping and adjust the needed verts to the mirror line.

Alternatively, as I just notice non mirrored details, select pairs of verts that should be one and Press M, at centre. It is just basically a hand task moving verts together and merging into one that is required.

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