How to make visual studio faster

Is there a way to make visual studio build the code faster? every time I try to build it takes more then 2 minuets until it compiles and my computer is not that bad.

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If you have multiple .cpp files in your solution, rebuild only those that you changed. Only do a total re-build you you must do.

Also, use pre-compiled headers by right clicking on a project and go to Properties --> C/C++ --> Pre-compiled Headers, you should see “Use Precompiled Header” option here.
To fully benefit from this, move all of your #include directives that include unchangeable system files (e.g. #include <windows.h> or #include ) from your CPP and H files to special “stdafx.h” file, created by Wizard, and then rebuild the project.

In larger games, most companies use distributed computing using the PC’s on the network to share the load of building projects. Think Seti@Home but for compiling software instead of scanning for alien transmissions. To do this, you get something like Incredibuild and put it on your networked machines.

What are your computer specs? Can you specify “not that bad” ?

If you follow the Building Escape course, this amount of code should probably take 5-15sec to rebuild with incremental changes (e.g. changing one function). Only the initial first time build should take that long.
This is with an i7, 16GB RAM, nvidia 770 gtx.

I dont understand why there is not c/ c++ section in the properties?

And when I right click on the .cpp files I can’t see any any option of building only one file.

Have you installed the c/c++ extra component from Visual Studio? It is not checked on by default while installing.

From the UE4 Wiki VS Setup Guide:

It’s important to note that Visual Studio 2015 (VS2015) doesn’t install C++ tooling support by default. When installing VS2015, choose Custom installation and then choose the C++ components that you’ll need for your workflow. If you’ve already installed Visual Studio 2015, choose File > New > Project > C++ to install C++.

@Bazajaytee, you might have some info that i’m seeking. Do you prefer “VS Build” instead of “Unreal Build” in order to use Incredibuild ? And do you have some experience with deploying projects to Android?

Because Incredibuild works within VS , as an integrated part of it. I have a very very large project and I need to deploy it Android platform, but if I go with Unreal Build process (File>Package Project>Android) it takes hours. If I use Visual Studio with Incredibuild to deploy it, it takes much much shorter but output files are very different with Unreal Build. So if you know how to deploy android via VS it would be helpful.

I know this is quite old now, but I found the following very helpful…

By following their advise on disabling Windows Search indexing for my development folder (I also turned off my real-time antivirus scanning for that particular folder) I cut down compile times from 2+ minutes to less than 10 seconds in most cases. Their advise on moving the Intermediate and source folders to a SSD was also a great help, especially since my SSD is quite small and I didn’t want it filling up with all the stuff from the content samples etc.

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