How to make the ball spin at the same spot?

Hello everyone! First of all i am really very sorry if i mess this up I just created my account and I may be doing this asking question thing wrong.

So here’s my question, i completed the crystal cavern and decided to take the project forward. I added some more controls to the ball but now i am suck at figuring out how to setup input key combinations and what i mean by that is i want the ball to spin at the same spot (just like they do the tire burn kinda thing in cars and stuffs) whenever i press up+down arrow keys. How do i setup the key combination in unreal so that pressing multiple keys simultaneously results in some specific behavior that’s different from the behavior we get when press the keys individually? On top of that i’d also love to know how should i go about setting up the ball’s behavior for making it spin at the same spot when the combinations of keys are pressed.

any help is really appreciated as i’ve been trying to figure this out for quite some time now and i found a solution on unreal engine’s forum but i don’t want to take that route. I think there might be some other way to achieve it. I am pasting a link to the solution i found below:

the only problem with the above mention solution i think is that it’s looks more like adapting to the situation and i think there has to be a standard way of doing it right and also i’ll have to redo many of my blueprint graphs in player pawn if i follow the above mentioned way so i want to avoid this method and honestly i haven’t even tried that solution yet due to that reason.

All you have to do is check if the input is held in c++ and set boolean (or whatever) and if the other is held at the same time then you run your custom created spin code (while making sure the normal use doesn’t run so it may have to be tied into it in some way).

No big deal but I have no example code for you. I would assume you can figure it out anyway. If I remember correctly the course does go into that but its been a while so not sure anymore.

Oh, I see this might be the blueprint only course. In that case, you might have to do what the link shows unless you can deal with c++.

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Well thanks for the ideas though i might dig into c++ soon. Meanwhile i did what the link showed and it’s working. I think i might have to improve and add a few more functionality in order for it to work properly but yeah it got me started at least. Thanks for the push in the right direction though! much appreciated :slight_smile:

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