How to locate IP address & connect to Server?

Lecture 287. I posted over on Udemy about this too.
I have Unity running on two PCs on LAN. Linked via file on DropBox, all working well.

Trying to connect the client pc to the server.

  1. I find the IP like this:

Win7 Start > Control Panel > type ‘adapter’ in to Search box > Under Network and Sharing Center > View network connections > View Status of this connection > Details

I’m using’ IPv4 Address’.
(Is that the right way to find the IP ?)

  1. Run game on Host/Server pc, Start Host.

  2. Then run it on Client PC, enter IP address, click LAN Client©

UNet Client Disconnect Error: BadMessage

Any clues so that I can progress ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


The easiest way to get your IP is start -> run -> cmd.exe -> press enter -> then type in
and press enter

when you run cmd.exe you will by default get a black terminal screen

or alternatively windows button + R and then follow the same steps
and you get the IP.

I’m not yet at the section you are at so I’m not completely sure what you need to achieve. Since C# is Microsoft’s language I would imagine there’s already a built in function to get the IP. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the .NET language can give some pointers.

Thanks Mike.

I have two different internet connections/routers here and I’ve tried with both (different IP addresses). Both just give the BadMessage error above.

Time for me to stop battling with this and move on.
Sadly it’s the very last thing, I’ve finished all the rest of the Unity course.
Going out with a whimper rather than a bang. :confused:

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