How to handle small objects when unwrapping?

Hello, i have a quick question about unwrapping.
I tried to use my own tower mesh for the texture paint course.

But im struggling with unwrapping small objects like the tower windows and door handles.
When i unwrap i get very small uv islands so the texture is very stretched compared to the rest of the tower.

Should i make those separate objects with their own uv space and texture ? Or simply scale up the islands and make sure to have enough resolution for every objects ?


If you look at the size of the checkerboard tile size. All objects do have nearly the same size. Nothing to worry about.
Change the size of the islands if you think it need more detail, as a result of a first texture render. It’s a sort of trial and error session. Improve when needed.

The top of the tower does have diagonal checkerboard tiles.
Can make it difficult if you want bricks with mortar.
Then you need to draw them diagonally if using GIMP, KRITA, Photoshop.


Thank you for your feedback !


If the rotation of the checkerboard pattern is a problem you can select the uv island and rotate it to line up with the usual Blender R for rotate.
If item are getting stretched then you may need more seams even if they are small. Shape matters more than size.


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