How to go out through the door?

The door is opened; however, I cannot go out through the door.
It seems that I am too fat to pitch out through the door.

You probably have collision on the door frame. Open the mesh in the static mesh editor and then from the collision menu in the tool bar remove collision.

I am aware that we will discuss the collision in the next lecture; however, the following lecture will not solve all the problems.
When we press the Play, the geometry of the user is unknown.
How fat the player will be? How tall the player will be? How does the engine know the door is wider enough to let this person pass?
If there is a very small hold in the wall, will the engine let the player go through this hole?

That isn’t true. You can see it in the viewport of the default pawn blueprint.

This is how it decides, this is the player collision view.

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