How to get VR working in UE5 (and 5.1) with C++ support

If you start an empty c++ project and enable VR through plugins, Unreal 5 (and 5.1) will straight up crash right away.

So what you want to do is: Create a Games > Virtual Reality template project.
After it is loaded, go to Tools > Create a C++ class.
Now it will create all necessary files and links to be a C++ enabled project.

Restart UE5 > It will ask to compile missing module > Yes > Done.

Now you will have a working VR C++ enabled project.

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UE 5.1 is not a release and so the course cannot be guaranteed to work with it as we won’t have tested it.

Saying that, there does seem to be a bug with 5.1 when you use the blank level which I found myself when exploring a basic VR setup with blueprint. Start with the VR Template which I’d recommend that anyway and you should be fine.

Now, regarding using the VR Template vs the blank template. There’s an issue with the blank template when using VR and this is unrelated to 5.1 and it means performance is really poor. I think the default settings are different than the VR Template but I couldn’t locate anything. However, the blank template stutters and crashes, in 5.0.3 and obviously there’s issues right off with 5.1 as well.

So, we can support 5.0.3 with the course and when 5.1 is finally released, I’ll test it and identify any problems. I won’t be able to provide much help with 5.1 until then so I suggest you stick with the current release version.

Thank you for your response, but my post is not a question :slight_smile:
It is a post how to get VR working at all, in 5.0.3 and also 5.1, i must do this or Unreal crashes straight away.

Yeah, I know. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

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Same trouble with UE 5.1 after release.
UE 5.1 is crashing while creating or loading VR projects.

You need to start with the VR Template and then add a C++ Class and then build. It doesn’t need to do anything. Also make sure you turn off Live coding.

Ideally use 4.27 for VR However. 5 and 5.1 are too greedy in terms of requirements and you’ll need a pretty high-spec PC for VR Support. They recommend 64GB RAM, 2 SSDs and GPU, ideally a 3060ti or better, but really now probably a 4070ti

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