How to get the spacebar key with the new input system?

So I have been trying to use new input system instead of the old one because it was too easy to deal with but now that I am watching this old one, here I do not know how to stop the audio in the else part because I cannot get the space key code in the new input system.

Is there any fix for that ?

What I am trying however is using old input system with the new input system which seems not the right way but it is working for now

That video explains how to Define a InputMappingContext and a InputAction to capture a bool value.

In your context you will set your spacebar, and the input action IA_Jump will just be a bool value. That video walks you through how to setup all the C++ code to define and set everything.

In the end you will replace your OnThrust function with the new one and have access to your bool value like you do now.

If you get stuck let me know and I can show the code, but I’d recommend watching this video first.

Yes, you can’t get the ‘space’ with the new input system (you can, but then you may as well use the old system). You get the key you configured for thrust (which can be ‘space’).

Then you set a flag and let the good times roll

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