How to get rid of white circle

Could anyone tell me what I’ve done here?

My cursor has changed to a white circle with a white cross in the middle although my screen capture doesn’t show the cross. I can’t revert to the usual arrow cursor.

Googling suggested I had circle selection switched on, initiated via C, from which right-mouse or esc would exit. However, I don’t think it’s circle selection as those ways to exit the situation don’t work.

On closing the blend file and opening another one, the cursor reverts to an arrow.

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Hi twisted.

You have done what i kept doing by trying to go into fly mode (Which is now control and tilde not F), After that i press W to move the camera forward which of course didnt work because they changed the fly mode shortcut.

What W does do though is change the selection method in the top left there to a circle and other methods. Just keep pressing W until you get back to the box selection as before :slight_smile:


Thanks irresistiblejelly.
That works.


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