How to get navmesh to work with synty packs

Hello all, Im doing the Rpg Core Combat course and bought the synty packs in this case the Polygon Fantasy Kingdom. After building my level out with the assets iv found that the navmesh does not cover each environment prefab that you have to place, thous meaning my character and enemys no longer are able to walk ect. after removing some of the art work i have found the navmesh is in the terrain how can i get this to work with the new ground items iv placed?
thanks for any advice

Hi Philip,

I don’t have the specific pack, but I have 2 other packs from Synty and they are both working just fine.

Have you rebaked your NavMesh? Or are the objects you are placing marked as “Static”?

they was not marked as “Static” now its all baked correct and im able to move again. something so simple that i totally forgot about thank you

Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

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