How to fix enemy goes under tiles?

Perhaps lower your tiles. They seem to be sitting at y = 5.5

I am having the same problem, I tried moving the empty object/tiles/enemy as well. Everything lines up prior to pressing play

Hi JayZe,

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Does that mean you solved the problem? If not, please share more information on what you did and have in Unity. Screenshots of the things in the editor and the code as formatted text (not as a screenshot!) might be helpful for us.

I did not fix the problem, here is what I have so far!

I’m afraid I cannot read the values in the Inspector in the gif.

Have you already rewatched the video at least one more time? Make sure to do everything exactly like Gary.

The enemy (parent) must be set to position y = 0f. The top of the tiles (grass, path, and so on) must be at y = 0f. The code sets the enemy (parent) to y = 0f.

If the enemy mesh appears underneath the tile, move the children of the parent along the y-axis, so the mesh appears on the top of the tile.

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