How to fetch older commits in Source Tree?

I have many errors on my program that I am unable to troubleshoot. But when a select an older commit I am unable to pull or fetch. What am I doing wrong?

Could you explain what your trying to do in more detail? Perhaps with screenshots/examples?

Now that I’m trying to open my repository, it says there is only local but it has been deleted. So I’m really not sure what happened. I will start again and if the problem repeats I will post screenshots with details.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what is happening with SourceTree. I was trying to set it up so that I would upload updates to my github account but it says I can’t use my current repo folder as it is in use. But if I just create a local repo, it just gives me a warning and will allow me to do it.

So with this, my understanding is we aren’t creating new instances of the program but just keeping track of the changes. And it is for that reason that there is nothing to pull or fetch. Is that about right?

So I was able to push commits to github. It took some research for find out how to create and add remotes. I’ll post if I have problems going forward.

Have you checked out the git course? I highly recommend it. But you should be able to roll back to a previous commit in the local or remote repository.

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