How to Display Total Length / Duration of a Course?

I’m baffled - I see no way in the UI to see how long a course is?!?! Individual lessons have timings, but no total per section or the course as a whole?


this is something that will be visible on the new site after the migration at the end of the month.
I cant find a way to view this either on the current site.

ive taken a screenshot for example on what it will look like.



On the current website, you should be able to find the overall duration of a course and its sections on the course page where you can buy the course.

If you are enrolled in the course, you might need to open the page while logged out (private browser tab or different browser).

E.g.: Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer: Make Your Own Co-Op Game | displays this if not enrolled or not logged in:

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