How to create your specialization statement - any advice is welcome

Hi there!

I am working on my specialization statement as a game programmer. Any advice is welcome:

Step1 (Things I like)
Solving problems
Race games
Sport games
Puzzle games
Getting things to life
Writing clean code
Game testing

Step2 (Things I am good at)
Solving puzzles
Writing clean code

Step3 (My dream job)
(Senior) Programmer building on game machanics and tools
Gametester playing games all day long
Bughunter / QA improving quality of the games

Step4 (Steps to reach dream job)
Get more experience in game programming/designing
Apply for (junior) game programming position
Learn to program

Step5 (My next steps)
Apply for (junior) game programming position
Practice more in Unity

Step6 (My day 1 value)
I am an excelent SOLID C# developer
I have (basic) Unity framework knowledge

Step7 (My specialization)
I am an excelent SOLID C# developer, with some skills in the Unity framework

It’s really good what you have done, I have no advice as it looks like you know where you want to go in life and what you need to do to get there. :slight_smile:

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