How to create a single edge?

Could anyone tell me how to create a single edge, or a single vertex? Not an edge that’s part of some already existing object. I want to start creating a new object from scratch, starting with an edge or maybe only a vertex.

The only way I can see to do this at present is to add an unnecessarily complicated mesh, say a plane, to my scene, and then delete the 3 surplus edges.

Vertices and edges only exist in edit mode, as the minimum a 3D object can be rendered as is single poly, ‘a plane’. The fastest way I know of to get a single vertex is as you say to add a plane, go into edit mode, select all and then perform the operation ‘Edge Collapse’. Edge collapse does not have a hotkey assigned to it by default in Blender 2.8 so you will have to assign your own unless you wish to use the search menu each time.

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Thanks for that.

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There is an Addon called Mesh: Extra Objects which will allow you to add a single vertex or even an origin without any mesh data. Navigate to the 'Add On"'Tab of your ‘User Preferences’ and search for “Mesh”. This should bring up 3 or 4 Add Ons, one will be “Mesh: Extra Objects” enable that add on by putting a tick in the check-box. Save your Preferences and restart Blender. Then you will be able to add a single vertex by navigating to [Add -> Extra Mesh Objects -> Vertex].


Thank you Capricas_Kirito, I’ve installed it.

I didn’t know you could add functionality in that way.

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