How to correctly disjoin remeshed object ( finger merged with palm of a hand )

First I modeled hand on the left side (green one) but once I looked up the statistics it had more than 70 000 faces and I thought that’s too much for a hand (small part of a model to have) so I decided to re-mesh it. Once I did that I wanted to delete as much faces as I can and found optimal re-mesh settings , the only problem is that now remesh joins parts of a hand that i never intended to join and after that join I have trouble separating finger from the palm of a hand. (picture on the right)

Obvious solution would be to increase remesh detail, but as I said that isn’t an option because hand is a simple enough shape and for me it is not justified to have a lot of faces spent on it.

Is there any alternative way to fix clearly unwanted mesh joins that manifest because of remeshing to lower number of faces ? Is there a way of “fixing” this problem that you guys prefer ?


Go to edit mode.
Press 3 to go to face mode. Select faces you dont want and delete them. You will have a small hole. You can then select edge loop around the hole and merge all in centre than smooth it out in sculpt mode. Other way is to grid fill face but that could have some issues with overlaping ages if the hole is jagged.


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