How To Constrain to the X Axis

There is no explanation on how to constrain to the X axis in the video, or to constrain to any axis.
This would be a helpful thing to tell us as newbies who have never used Blender before.
Because Blender is kind of confusing.

The way you lock a transform to an axis is by pressing the corresponding letter on the keyboard (x for the x axis, z for z, and y for y), or by holding down the middle mouse button.
A list of tool specific shortcuts appears at the bottom of the screen when a tool is active, That could help you out if you forget.


I am surprised if it is not mentioned.
But the axis constraint is added after the Tool activation.

So S for scale, X for axis scales only in the X axis. (or other axis as required)
If there is a local axis available and wanted to be used, hit S+X+X
To scale in every axis Except an axis, S+Shift X.


Thanks for the reply. I actually had to google it & watch some videos before I figured it out.


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