How to combine 3rd Person Traversal and RPG core combat course

Hey I am just about finished with the third person traversal course but I would like to use what I learned in the RPG core combat intermediate course with it. But I am not sure how to connect the two. For example would the weapon damage class in the traversal course be the same as the fighter class that was In the RPG course. Could we make scriptable objects that can connect with the state machines. Is it any course giving on how we could combine these two courses to make one game?

There are some structural differences between the Core Combat course and the Third Person Combat and Traversal course that require quite a bit of reconciliation between the two models.

For example, the Core Combat course does not use a state machine at all, and the TPC course uses them to great effect. The other courses (Inventory, Dialogues and Quests, Shops and Abilities) are actually easier to integrate than the Core Combat.

I’ve been working off and on to create a more official guide to blending the two courses. There are bits of both the CC and the TPC course that I find useful. For example, I’m not a fan of the WeaponDamage on a physical Weapon within the TPC because it’s unreliable. Without exaggerating the weapon’s collider to ridiculous proportion, it’s difficult to get close enough to the enemy to actually hit. For that I prefer the Hit() animation event from the Core Combat combined with a Distance and Facing check (if the player isn’t facing the targetted enemy and within the Weapon Range then Hit() is a miss, otherwise, it’s a Hit.).

I would still preserve the Fighter component for the purposes of equipping the Weapon, and responding to the Hit() method.

With the remaining courses, there isn’t a lot of conversion needed.

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