How to climb a ladder

How to code a ladder system in C# pairing with animation.

Officially, this is outside of the scope of the course. Others may have an insight as to how to do this effectively.

Then, what about this. How can I use a get a specific inventory item.
I have a script that needs wood inventory item. To use and heat up the base. But how would I get that wood into the script so that I can be reducing it . Every hour. (The hour I have already made). Just need how to get a specific inventory item

Put a field in your reducing script InventoryItem fuel;

Depending on if you’ve taken the Shops and Abilities course, you may need to add a method to Inventory.cs:

        public bool RemoveItem(InventoryItem item)
            int index = FindItemByName(;
            if (index > -1)
                Debug.Log($"Removing {} from slot {index}");
                slots[index].number =0;
                slots[index].item = null;
                return true;
                   return false;

When it’s time to reduce a log, test Inventory.RemoveItem(fuel); If it’s true, reset the timer. If it’s false, put out the fire

For future inquiries, please open a new topic, when the follow up question is not related to the initial question. Thank you.

But how will it get , wood specifically from the inventory?.

I’m answering this in the other topic, as it is still completely unrelated to the original question.

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