How to change the look of terminal hacker

Hey could anyone tell me how to change the color of the text, when using Terminal.WriteLine function (The default is green i would like to change it) and how to change the look of the computer itself…

Thank you

Hi Nihal,

That’s not possible. The Terminal.WriteLine does not change the text colour. You’ll have to edit the method in the Terminal class if you want to use it for colouring your text.

Well can i do it and can maybe tell me how?? And thank you for replying so fast…

Unfortunately, you will need a bit more knowledge on programming and C# to be able to do that. With more than 250,000 students to support, I do not have time to write you any solutions.

You could watch Bob Tabor’s free C# course. It’s 8h long and, theoretically, you will learn everything you need to know to make your idea work.

Please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice in our official Discord chat.

Oh… thanks so much for taking the time to respond. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I’m curious too. How can I access the Terminal class to edit it?

Hi Alexander,

You can find it in your Assets folder. Double click on it to open it in your script editor. Then you should be able to edit it.

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