How to build and distribute Web version of Prison Game Unity 4.6

I am using Unity 4.6.9f1
I have followed Lecture 37.
Is it correct to say it is impossible to build a version that will work on firefox, chrome, edge and that to make the game work it has to be built in unity 5 or higher and be built in WebGL?

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The Unity Web Player is actually no longer supported so it will not be compatible with new browser versions. You might still be able to find an external plugin that has not been phased out yet, but I wouldn’t waste time on it.

I ended up installing the latest build of Unity on my PC (different file location so that both versions can be installed), importing a copy of my game, upgrading it so that the files were compatible with the new version of Unity, and then built the game for WebGL. I would also recommend using to upload your game.

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Make sure you copy your project folder before you import into Unity 5.x.

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If this is to share with friends/family etc, you could always build a standalone version of it instead and then share the build files via Dropbox / Google Drive, they would then be able to play it on their PCs/Macs etc, just not via the web.

If you are not desperate to share it at this point, then you could wait until later in the course when you get prompted to upgrade to Unity 5 (Bowl Master), at that point you could then revisit the previously created games, upgrade them, and create the WebGL builds. On that note, I would make the jump straight to Unity 2017 at this point. All changes required regarding the API for both Unity 5.x and 2017.x are listed in the document in lecture 8 of the course. Additionally, all of the questions that arise have typically been asked on the forum already, so a quick search should get you some help, or of course post if you are still having difficulties.

Finally, you could just upgrade to the latest version now, take the hit that you know that some of the API differences will not match to what you see in the course, but this won’t phase you because of the above documentation/support that is available, and you’re awesome :slight_smile:

Hope this helps - “wagga wagga wagga” :slight_smile:

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Rob hi, thanks - thanks for the alternatives: I’m simply trying to follow the course, nothing more: @ben perhaps something to add to the course when you have time? thanks

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Hi and thanks for the reply: I was jst trying to follow the coirse nothing more: @ben in the discussion i had seen nothing to say explicitly that what was described in l37 was no longer possible. thnaks all


If you do upgrade, @Nina, our Unity Student Instructor, has very kindly put together a fantastic post here on the forum also, here’s the link:

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