How to avoid edge loops multiply-ing when doing retopology

I’ve did manual topology paying extra care not to have single (non quad polly in it). Somehow every time when I try manual retopology I end up with shape that doesn’t respond well with edge loop tool.


  1. Is my topology usable if i don’t need to subdivide or add more resolution to my hands?

  2. How to avoid edges loop from multiply-ing like shown on picture ? ( i’ve used quads only but still it didnt end up good)

  3. I’ve used some of the retopo rules like “3 to 1” (red rectangle parts) but it looks to me that I’m missing knowledge on how and where to put those transitions? When , where and how to use those fancy “3 to 1” and simmilar rules when doing retopology ?

Scroll down to the hands. That should give you a good basis to work to.

The eccentric loops should not matter as subdiv will provide the extra geometry rather than you adding loop cuts. Subdiv will like the quad geometry.


Thank you.
So in the end , my topology for the hand is correct for animation ? And if u can also answer 2) and 3) pls :slight_smile:

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I think it needs more experience, than actual mesh problem solving.
It all depends how the hand will be used and seen in a scene.
And therefore the mesh structure will change accordingly.

You need extra mesh on place where bending occur. Like finger joints. You’re using the same loops at the same distances. Which is fine for a starter project and animations. Like this course.
I think, you are too busy with perfect mesh, you need more project experiences. To get grip on this problem. When and where it is useful the add additional mesh (loops). And when to solve poles and n-gons.

See 3d mesh bending eldows knees. at DuckDuckGo