How to access variables from another scene

I’ve used a different scene for the game over screen in the quiz section. How do i access the score from the previous scene?
Is it even worth it to use a different scene for game over?

You can’t ‘just access’ scores from the previous scene. Those no longer exist. But there are some options;

  • Keep a ScoreManager type object where the score is stored. Put this object in DontDestroyOnLoad. It will persist across scenes
public vlass ScoreManager : MonoBehaviour
    private int _score = 0;

    private void Awake()
        // how many objects do we have?
        int count = FindObjectsOfType<ScoreManager>().Length;
        if (count == 1)
            // only one, put it in the DDoL
            // too many. destroy this one

    public void SetScore(int score)
        _score = score;
    public int GetScore()
        return _score;

Now you can set and get the score using FindObjectOfType<ScoreManager>().

  • Save the score to PlayerPrefs and then just read it again on the next scene
// Save the score
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Score", _score);

// Read the score
int _score = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Score", 0); // 0 is returned if no score was saved

These are a few that should help

What is playerprefs?

It’s a built in mechanism for storing player preferences. Small things like score

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ok thanks. I thought it meant prefabs

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