How the Pandemic Response has Affected My Productivity

I wanted to start a thread to discuss the problem I’ve had during the shutdowns; i.e. it’s been more difficult for me to focus and get things done.
Before things were shut down, I would take my personal laptop with me to work, and on breaks and lunch I would work on courses or my projects. Often, before or after work, I would stop at a coffee shop so that I could focus without distraction. I finished the C++ Unreal Course, the Blender Environments, and the Blueprint course in a couple of Months, and I began working on a “portfolio piece”.

Since everything has shut down, most of my time is at home or going directly to work. With kids, youtube, TV’s, chores, etc., it can be very difficult to stay focused for extended periods of time.

My goal is to have a demo out by December, so I’ve got to get on it, bc my plan is already laid out and the assets are made; it’s simply a matter of execution at this point.

Can anyone give any advice? What motivates you, or keeps you focused? Thanks!

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