How much polygons are to much?

How much polygons is to much for things like, for example, my pawn for the chess section has 1409 faces, is that to much?

For things like videogames? or wallpapers?3d animation? how much is to much?

It’s a difficult question and depends on the usage. For games you want to optimize for render speed (decrease polygons).
For realistic stills, the polygons can grow into the millions. Just add more realism to the scene. But then, when working on your scene you want to have a low poly count, just to speed up development.
In animations, there is also the same discussion. 30 frames per second, 1.5 hours of video. Each frame costs … in time.

So, at the end it depends on realism, costs, time, difficulty, usage, etc.

You will learn some tricks, like normal maps, baking normal maps from high poly, to be used on low poly, multi resolution models, Level Of Detail (LOD), etc …

Be creative, just learn Blender. If you project turn to slow. Decrease stuff. That why it is important to keep versions of your project, so you could go back, to a simpler form.


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