How long have you been on the Unity course?


The course has been around a while, I’d love to know whether you’re “old” or new.


I’m probably in the middle towards the end of that scale. The course was complete when i found it.
Probably 5-6 months ago i started possibly more as i did Blender part way though.


I started the Blender course back in September of 2015 and the Unity course a little later in October. I got through Glitch Garden by Christmas and paused after publishing my own version “Elves vs Snow Goons” on Google Play.

I picked back up again a couple months later and will shortly be starting the Ahoy Matey section.


Awesome, do you like the new forum?


Started the Unity course March 29th, so not too long.
I’m about half way through the Laser Defender section and loving it.

Between Laser Defender and Glitch Garden, the course seems to cover most of what I need to know mechanics wise to start the first game I want to make on my own, so I’m getting more excited by the day to get my ideas off paper and into Unity.


I like the separate sharing category, games and blender renders. How will this affect


Im ancient! lol

Started the course back in July last year :slight_smile:

Finished the BowlMaster section, at that point the remainder was still in a bit of flux, so decided to get Mikeys Blender course (back in March this year) to get an all round appreciation and basic insight to the asset pipeline. and have to admit I learned more in the few months working through Blender course than I have done in a couple of years doing random tutes and books.

Been working through the two courses in between work (unfortunately work offshore for a few weeks at a time) and home.

Ive watched the courses change and mature as time passed and enjoying it still :slight_smile:

Like the idea of brining the courses together in this forum as its a nice single point of information.


28th of march this year.
and im in the three of four done from Bowling master.
im a little bit of a newbie but i’ll do my best
and Heck yeah, the new forums just rock one of the best forums i have ever seen honestly. (not exaggerating) keep up the good quality my good teacher :heart:


Purchased in Nov 15


I purchased the course on March 11, 2015, and am going to be finishing it soon. I have finished several other Unity Courses since starting this course, but I always return to this one, because it makes the logic behind the programming much clearer. My only complaint about the class is that I find some of the games uninteresting, BUT I do like the logic behind them and have used the lessons learned in my own projects.


I think I’ve been on the course about 6 months. I usually do one project on the Udemy course, then one off the Unity website and then various Unity projects on some other learning sites, then return to Udemy :slight_smile:


Brand new! Just got the course this month and worked through the first few sections last weekend up through Text 101. Had previously worked through several of the Unity tutorials on their website, but was looking for something more educationally structured. After asking around and doing some research, I ended up at your course.


I am very old but but didn’t completed yet!


I started the Unity and Blender courses around the middle of January. I finished the Unity course at the end of April and took the course on physics in Unity. I really enjoyed the physics course and would love to see more lessons added eventually.


I’ve been in the course since February (as of this post, I’ve completed it through Number Wizard UI).


I bought the course a loooong time ago bit didn’t get very far into it. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it but because life got in the way. After that I just kept making excuses for not going back to it.

No longer though!


I got and started the course in March 2015 but didn’t get far, got busy and stopped. But I’m happy to say that I’m resuming today!


I have been around since April 2015. I have only just finished laser defender but with each section I work on I add about 2 to 3 months of extra stuff I put into the game. I am also balancing life while trying to learn. So slow and steady. I have some cool ideas for the next game of the course! But want to finish the blender course first so I don’t have a knowledge wall holding me back on the 3D models for this next game.


I got the course several months ago, but I didn’t finish it due to certain life events, and now I’m in a new job trying to figure out work/life balance, so when I come back to it, I’m going to want to start over at the beginning as a refresher.


That’s what I did back in June of 2015. Worked on it, got bored, then around two weeks ago I started redoing the course. Finished the Text101 thing, published a game on (Just a ripoff of Text101 tho ;( ), then I’m currently working on Number Wizard UI