How long a wait until email confirmation from Unity?

Hi -
I’m curious about how long people had to wait until they got an official note from Unity confirming that they passed the certification. I passed the exam March 1, but still haven’t heard anything formal. (I tried emailing Unity a week ago, but didn’t hear any news).


They told us it should only be 7 days at the certification exam I went to yesterday.

Thanks! That’s what I remembered from the exam, but when it was over a month, I started to doubt if I’d misheard. I’ve written them twice and haven’t heard any news.

I tought we knew the result and score right away. So we have to wait for the results? or just wait to have like an official statement?

You do find out the score right away (in fact as you finish each section, you know what your ongoing score is). They told me that it would take about a week for them to process the certification (so that I had some way to show others that I’d completed the certification - for example to be listed in: ). Right now I still just have the free sticker & t-shirt, but they haven’t responded beyond that.

Oh ok I see! Thanks for the clarification Christine. I hope they will get back to you soon with good news!

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