How far through the course are you?


I’m just wondering what mix we have here. Estimate how far through the current content you are, out of 10, or just reply below.

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I’m at Section 4 Lecture 126 but if i dont get any unreal crashes or my screw ups i fly though them at possibly 10 lectures a day sometimes more.
Thats okay though as i need to go back into blender as i have outside people wanting me to do (Unpaid) work.


Awesome, as soon as this forum is stable I’ll be back to the course production for you.


A 1-10 seems a bit of a weird system to rate this, wouldn’t a percentage score make more sense?


Its possible the rating system only allows 1-10 although we could get around that being 1 =10% i suppose.
A poll would possibly be better in this case like on facebook if possible.


Totally, agree, I’m a little restricted and just playing really


Just 40% for me. Trying to free up some spare time!


Hey @ben, I am at 100% for some weeks now. Refreshing the course content page every morning :wink:


I just began yesterday so I just got done with bulls and cows. I am putting 6 hours aside tomorrow to work through lessons. I have a c background but stopped coding almost a decade ago so…I am a bit rusty. Anyways - brilliant job with the lessons.


hehe, remember to keep an eye on Twitter @UnrealCourse or @GameDevTV where we post the moment a video goes live.

I’m back to production hard Monday at the latest, this system should save us a lot of time in Q&A if we can get people to take non questions here from Udemy.


According to Udemy, I’m 12% of the way through it.
Mostly just got the software installed, and partially through the Bulls and Cows game.
Just wanted to try it out, while I’m focusing on the unity course. So I imagine it will be a few months before I really start on this one.


I’ve only completed the Intro Section, but that’s because I’m still finishing up the Unity Course (one more section to go) before diving in.


I started taking this course seriously about a month ago and i’m currently starting lecture 110. So far this course is really great.


I’m about halfway through Section 3. Switched over to Unity for a while since I was limited to my laptop that won’t run Unreal for a while. Plan on switching back soon though.