How does this sound?

Convert Old Pickup prefabs to Inventory Pickup prefabs

With old pickups:

  1. Remove Weapon Script
  2. Add Pickup Script from Inventories
  3. Add Clickable Script from Inventories

Done with Old Pickups!
Next create a Pickup spawner prefab for each prefab to be spawned

Next update Old Scriptable objects:
Display Name
Pickup – Able to use generic Bag or USE YOUR old pickups with mesh of object
Allowed Equip Location (which slot can handle this in equipment panel)
Animator Override – may work with equipped prefab
Equipped Prefab – same as Original Part 1 RPG (this is the one that you fit to player)
Weapon Range
Weapon Damage
Percentage Bonus – can not remember what this is for
Is Right Handed – depends on your weapon
Projectile – for this weapon

Have yet to work out where sounds will go for them…


Does this look right?

Seem correct?

All weapon Spawners work as expected.

So, when do I need the default pickup bag? how can it help me? strategy…
That’s the last thing I think…??? note: all weapon Prefabs in my Resources folder have a visible mesh of what it is… not a bag…

How would I make use of the Default Pickup bag?


Ok, Ok, maybe I want the player to guess what it is… LOL
sometimes i am so out of date…,

So, currently I use the Weapon Pickup Script on my Health pickup.

Is this something coming up? or what did I miss …


All pickups will be managed by the same Pickup script, as everything it manages is an InventoryItem (your Health potion is an InventoryItem, your weapons are InventoryItems.

Weapons aren’t the only thing players will be picking up. You won’t always have a model for everything. When you do, you can make a custom pickup. When you don’t, you’ve got the default pickup.

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