How does the mask stop the health bar from showing?

I’m trying to use a custom mask, with a custom health bar. Here are my two images. I already understand I need to make the health bar twice as tall so that it “empties” as the player loses health. How do I prevent the green of the health bar from poking out of the shield as the health decreases?

EDIT: I’ve puts some thought into this, and I understand the mask isn’t what’s stopping the health bar from showing, its the dimensions. I’m thinking that this style of health bar might be easier accomplished through some sort of animation?

4482e9ed85031475608725c4cbc96405-shield-heraldic-emty-by-vexels Health%20Bar%202

Probably the best answer i can give is for you to jump into our GIMP course as thats where the assets were made and i believe it teaches you how to make a mask as well.

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