How does read time work?

Hello, I was wondering if you still get read time for a topic you have already viewed? Or is it just for stuff you haven’t seen yet?

Edit: I finished an “experiment” to calculate read time here’s what I found out:

I have the mobile app so screen time can be tracked

The moment I reached 2 days of read time I wrote down the date and when it happened(Morning,4-9)

Then the moment I got 3 days of read time I wrote that down(Evening,4-16)

I then went into my screen time and saw I have 23.6 hours on Gamedev tvs community over the last week, Sunday to Sunday for MST

The conclusion is that read time might simply be, being on the community app or webpage, which means it isn’t “read” time, but rather time spent with the website or app open.

Yes, this is the most random thing to look at, but I was just curious, I believe one of the TAs have 45 days read time, and a moderator has 42 days read time🤯

Would this be considered a solution lol

Mine says I have 9 days read time. And 1 day recent read time. The read time is since you created your account and recent read time is the last 60 days. That’s all I know about it

Oh for some reason I thought recent read time was last 100 days, good to know it’s 60.

looking at how the read time is implemented, theres quite alot going on behind the scenes that I just cant wrap my head around.

but from what i gather, yep, the read time will increase if you leave the page and come back to the same topic.

heres some overview notes:

Reading Time

tracks reading time for every post a user views on the screen.

The calculation used for tracking reading time is complex, however, there’s a few key points to note about how it tracks reading time:

  • Each time a user looks at a post, it will log a maximum of 6 minutes reading time per post (this will reset if you navigate away and back to the topic).
    • There is no upper limit on read time per post, a post can be read for days by a user if the user returns to a topic.
  • If 3 minutes pass and a user has not scrolled at all, it disables this reading time tracking subsystem until the user scrolls again
  • it will log reading time for up to 5 topics for anonymous users

hope that helps a little bit. i didnt know that either :slight_smile:

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Oh that is interesting, so basically as long as I just done leave the app open without doing anything it tracks read time, idk what I should mark as a solution because everything is helpful. Thanks for that, makes it more straightforward.

yup, but behind the scenes it also tracks the post length and if its a longer one and it doesnt detect a scroll to load more then the timer stops. also limited to the 6 min idle time as well.
theres alot and quite a complex algorithm server side, just the basics covers what i need to know about it heh :slight_smile:

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