How do you get Lorem Ipsum text generated in the lecture?

I saw that Ben typed lorem2 and then hit some key combination to generate his dummy text. I imagine he was using a third party program to accomplish this. I would very much like to know what he used and how.

Hi Jeff,

It’s a code template in Monodevelop.

Preferences-> Text Editor -> Code Templates->add

create your template name and you can trigger this with the tab key in Monodevelop

There’s heaps of great ipsum generators available from Here

I like to use Zombie Ipsum myself :smile:

Hey Johnny,

Thanks for the tip. However this doesn’t answer my question as to how to get the lorem ipsum text into unity outside of copy and pasting it. I was wanting to know how Ben managed it in the lecture video since he didn’t explain how he did it in the video. I’ll add a reference point here so people can see the point in the lecture I am talking about.

Adding 2D User Interface Text
Section 3, Lecture 30
@5:50 - 5:60 in the video

Check out

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Hi. I have the same question as @Jeff_Knox. I would like to know how Ben have managed it directly on Unity :slight_smile:.

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Many thanks @Rob. Wau, textexpander :slight_smile:. Nice tool.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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