How do retopology?

Just curious what people’s preferences are when it comes to retopology are you a manual dude or automatic ?

There is no preference when it comes to retopology. It all depends on the project.

If you’re retopologizing a mesh for animation it will be vastly different than if you only care for a static shot. Type of animation and character design will also play a big role. Mrs Incredible will have completely different topology needs than Ellie from The Last Of Us for example.

Automatic retopology can be fine for furniture or other static objects and some 3D scans. In most cases, it’ll be worse than manual retopology, have worse flow and be less efficient triangle-wise, but it will save a lot of time so if you can get away with it for whatever it is you’re doing, you probably should use it.

It’s worth noting though that not all tools are made equal.
Using a paid tool like Quad Remesher will yield substantially better results than built-in Blender tools for automatic retopology. Likewise RetopoFlow will make manual retopology much easier saving you time and potentially letting you get better results by simplifying the process, though manual retopology is still very skill dependent.

If you’re looking for a silver bullet, there isn’t one. It’s up to you to decide what’s needed for your project.


Probably the best answer I’ve seen very helpful thanks you

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Hand only, never even considered or used auto. They are obviously less good and hand is terribly easy over the top of a HP sculpt. Better though to start with the retopology! Block model in the first place and use multi res.

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