How do I go about making the base hair for this character?

I’m struggling to replicate this style of hair and I’ve tried numerous ways. Below is my attempt to make the hair using hair curves but it still doesn’t look right. How would I do this? Any help would be appreciated!


Hey, so you’re not wrong to do it this way - curves is a great method and this is solid work.

The reason it doesn’t feel right is because you’re giving his hair individual strands while the reference depicts it as a solid shape. Now, this might even out depending on how you choose to shade it, but if you’re using diffuse or principal bsdf, then you’re going to have an individual strand look which will look more realistic and less stylized. Since you’re going for a stylized character, that’s why it looks off.

If you want to, you could maybe do a subdivided sphere and use the topology to sculpt the hairstyle as one solid piece. Here’s a very very bad example I whipped up in about 30.

But it looks silly without the shading:


So yeah, in terms of any kind of non-photorealism style, you’re probably better off sculpting it and then decimating it and then maybe re-mesh and subdivide (which is what I did here). It won’t look great outside of the shading, but that’s kind of true for most stylized stuff.

Honestly, I think if you just apply a basic toon shader it might not look so odd to you.

Hope that helps!


If you ARE going for the stylized but individual strand look, like Street Fighter V, then I’d say you’re on the right track

Someone who you can check out for this style to get some ideas (who you may already have heard of) is Yan Sculpts.

Here’s a specific video that might help where he did Naruto. I timestamped it for where he starts to do the hair.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for the reply! I’ll definitely try this method and see how it works!

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No problem! Happy to help and I look forward to seeing how it turns out! And really, great job already. :+1:

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