How do I fix this arm twist?

Hi, I have a low poly character and I want to rotate its arm but as you can see in the visual, it didn’t turn out as I wanted. What can I do for this?

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Square arms are not giving it much geometry to use.
Then there is just one length of forearm to twist, more loops along there may help too.

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Its what NP5 says - not enough geometry to make smooth twist. You need more loopcuts on the wrist if you plan to move it or rotate it, it will not deform well with bending right now. But in reality you dont really need od want to twist arm at wrist joint.
Look at your own arm for reference - as a matter of fact, you cant twist the wrist without twisting the forearm (lock your forearm with second hand and you will see :wink: )
In fact you might perform hand twist by twisting every joint of entire arm slightly - the deformation will be smoother. (And to be fair its how you do it irl, unless you focus not to twist the arm - you can twist with forearm only if you try, but its not 100% natural.)


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