How do I combine a mixamo rig with a different rig?

Is this even possible? For context I’m making a life is strange fanmade game, and I rigged my character with mixamo so i can use the animations from there, and that all works fine, but the original character has a rig of its own, i just have to use mixamo’s to make the animation work with the character, meaning it gets rid of the face rig on it, so how can i combine them and make them work, is there a way to do this? or is there a way at all to be able to use mixamo animations on my own rig as a whole, without just trying to put the face rig on the mixamo rig? let me know!

Have you looked into retargeting?

yes and theres limited information about it on the internet from what ive seen. i cant find anything specific to my example, but im sure people have had to somehow of combined 2 rigs in the past… also i couldnt find much about it for unreal at all, forget mixamo.

Have you come across this?

There’s also this if you don’t mind paying

I think that video might just work, thanks so much! I really hope this solves it!

Hey again, i just wanted to say thank you so freaking much! that tutorial made it work! i can finally start making the fan game of my dreams! thanks you so much!!

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