How do I change Text101 to Vortex displayed in the WebGL build

Does anyone know how to change Text101 to Vortex displayed in the WebGL build? I just can’t seem to find where its getting the Text101 from!

Cheers, Paul

Are you talking about where it says Text101 right below your game on the right?

I think it gets that from your project name when you compile it.

If you go into File -> Build Settings… and click the Player Settings… button, what do you have entered against Product Name?

Lol thanks guys

I clicked that but expected a popup window. I didn’t notice the inspector window change :flushed:

What a tool!

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One thing to check - when you set it up originally the folder structure may have also contained the original name. I haven’t tested whether renaming here will also change that or not - I suspect not - might be worth taking a look as things could get a bit odd for you otherwise :slight_smile:

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