How do I call audio on reverse?

If you implement a sound like this but your blueprint is calling the play in reverse node, you will not get sound when it plays backward. I can easily reverse it in Audacity but how do I call for the different file?

Sorry for the delay in the reply, I am not sure how I missed this. Can you provide more information about what you’re trying to do here?

So here…

I was setting up an animation where those platforms drop down from the ceiling and had added an audio effect to play when they are doing this. When the blueprint node calls for it to “play reverse” and send them back up to the ceiling it works fine but the sound effect is neither reversed nor heard. I was wondering how to approach this and why it didn’t work.

Reviewing this now I think I should remove the sound from the sequencer and fire it from the blueprint. Perhaps there is even a node that plays an audio file in reverse? It’s interesting that sequencer didn’t work as expected.

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Audio is a bit different I suppose. I had a quick look and couldn’t find a solution. What you could do I suppose is have the sequence perform both the up and down, then loop it. This way you just add the second sound as desired. It’s far from perfect but it works.

The flaw with that, is that I want it to stop once the platforms are down. They are triggered to raise back up when you step off so you have to dribble a physics block up the ramp to keep them down. This all works great aside from the silly whoosh noise I made for when they drop down because you expect it to make the opposite sound going back up.

Can sequencer allow you to pause a sequence in the middle and wait for an unpause to be triggered?

I believe it can. I’m not sure if the sound effects will resume however.

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