How do I animate anything in Blender such as the UV rotation?

In one of the quizzes Mike had us answer that we could animate literally any property in Blender.

However, when i turn on automatic keyframe insertion, a very limited amount of properties can be animated.

For example I want to make a bad*** texture animation for giggles and some ***** by playing with this rotation property in the mapping of the texture, but obviously its not making keyframes, or highlighting the property in a color to show it is being keyframed:

There is a location rotation keyframe earlier in that timeline, but none from any other edited properties.

also another cool thing to animate would be the texture coordinates themselves or well. I’m not sure what to call it since Mike hasn’t covered it at all. He just told us theres a couple buttons that are there to click.

^In this screen I am rotating the appearance of that grass texture in the background

Use the ‘i’-key, for inserting key-frames.
You can use automatic, but than a lot of parameters are also keyed. And sometimes you don’t want that.

In the demolition lessons, this key framing will be be explained.

You can the ‘i’-key on nearly every input field. Select scale-x input, press ‘i’ while focus is on than field, it will color yellow, to let you know, that parameter is keyed. Have faith, and wait for demolition lessons.

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