How come there is more C++ tutorials on YouTube than C# for making game engines?


Unity dev here, what is the best way to learn to make game or game engines with C# on YouTube?

I know C++ is great for doing these stuff but I’ve learnt and used C# for 3 years and it would be a shame to waste my C# experience over C++ because time is like a currency and I don’t want to waste that. I’ve heard Raylib good for making games or game engine and also few use OpenTK I’ve heard!

This is a great game used C# purely for example but haven’t played the game before, Here it is Vintage Story!

But why I’m I asking this in the first place, because I want to have this knowledge as a backup plan in life. Thanks for reading and also C# course would be helpful because there is C++ Course already think it would be fair for us C# users.

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