How Can you copy part of armature?

My problem, well it ought to be easy. I have made an armature. So far a leg including one claw/finger. So why can’t I seem to be able to copy the claw bones and rotate them to be the bones of the other claws?

I thought just selecting the three claw bones and copy, rotate into the other claws would be quick and easy. Silly me!

When I do it, this is the result. The new set of bones are all messed up rotation wise. The original I copy are all nice and orderly. (Other claws are instanced collections for now)

The bones have had bone constraints on rotation added, set to local space.

Ok, I could just make each separate other claw bones individually, and yes I have messed about trying to do it the easy way for longer than it would have taken. grrr.

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Can’t help.
Only the Mirror option is supported. For the rest, manual adaptation. I don’t think there is not an easy option. More experience, the better to choose an approach.

Big Tripple A gaming studios have ‘riggers’ and ‘Uv-mapper’ specialists, which could be indications that the stuff they are doing is a difficult (time-consuming) job.

Ah ok, I just thought I might be missing something. Not having used much bones stuff. How odd not to have this basic copy/paste functioning. So common things like duplicating finger bones can’t be done they have to be done one at a time, odd lacking feature.

There is!
It even renames labels xxx.L into xxx.R
But only on the X-ax mirror.

Maybe do this trick, and rotate z-as 60 degrees …?

That might be a work around, bit odd, not sure I have ever even noticed a way yo adjust the mirror angle.

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