How can i use cinemachine target group?

Can you use the cinemachine target group to clamp the FOV even when you switch devices like in the previous lecture? I created a target group with different empties that surround the object but I can’t get it to work, the FOV still gives the advantage for larger screen devices and i don’t even know if it’s possible because it’s 3D now.

The secret sauce in the Target group FOV is that it will do everything in it’s power to keep all the objects in the list in view… If you put targets in four directions, you’re going to find that on different devices, there will be more “padding” than others…

In general, you have to “pick an orientation”… essentially decide if you want the screen to expand horizontally or vertically with different devices. Putting two objects at the top/bottom or left/right of the screen will cause the FOV to grow on the adjacent poles… so two objects on top/bottom will grow/shrink the amount of left/right that is shown as the screen size changes, and conversely grow/shrink the top/bottm when there are objects on the left/right. When it’s all four, you really can’t control how it will look on different devices.

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Thank you :smiley:

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