How can I replace Ethan's animations properly?

I am working on a different game, based on the concepts of these lessons. It is a third person game. I have changed Ethan with my player which I created in blender. He has inherited Ethan’s animations. Every time I attempt to change the animations on the animator with my own, they do get replaced, they play correctly, but the character doesn’t move anymore. He just runs in place. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I have spent so much time trying to solve this.

I think it’s something about the avatar in the animator.

did you change the avatar in your player animator ?


Yes. I tried so many things. I think it has to do with the Third Person Character Controller script. I replaced it and the problem is fixed, although I am still not happy, because the script I made myself is not that good. It behaves a bit strangely.

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