How can i repeat only the upper half of the background?

Hi, i’m stuck at this section of the scrolling background, because i’m trying to find some way to repeat the tiles only from the sky half of the background, i want the game to start on “ground” and then i want to go up and repeat only the clouds

Hi Shinos,

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How do your images look like? Is the ground part of the image with the sky? If so, you’ll have to create two separate images, for example, with GIMP. Unity is not intelligent and cannot distinguish between “ground” and “sky”. At the moment, it only knows: “Move this texture.” And that’s what it does.

Hi, i just saw your reply, thank you
I managed to find a way by myself to solve this, i don’t know if it is the BEST way, but i created an other object with only the scenery that i want to move in a certain way and i got it to move and “sleep” with a coroutine before the sky comes up

Maybe this will help someone else too!

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Good job on solving the problem! :slight_smile:

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