Hopefully Placed To Find Creative Team for Unity App Dev


My names Ian and my wife is Gabriel. We are currently in the beginning stages of developing our demo for an app that we are creating. It is a simple 2-d, app for phones and tablets specifically. It is a card collecting game. It will have a real-time battlefield full of strategies. We also plan to weave some other games through, this includes yet isn’t limited to story characters. 6 other games. As well as a graphic novel, which is a future; Post-Apocalyptic review on the actual events of the catastrophes. So we really are looking for people who are inspired to be a part of a creative team for these games. Our belief is that we do this first app well enough and it should allow us all to spend the needed time in deeper art developments. We want to make this to help change somethings and have some great ideas of ways to influence free to play games to be a bit more influential in the world. Seeing as how its a huge market why shouldn’t people attempt to work things like charity and global health awareness and support into the framework of an apps appeal to play.

I have started putting the game out there because I am seeking people, mistake or not… My overall feel is it doesn’t seem like I will find people by keeping inwards. Thus attempt must be made to search out others who would like to be a part of this. I probably should have started by posting here(if its correct), all this digital integration sure was/is a little headless at times.

So I saw the post for searching for like minded people. I figured hey… Its worth a shot here. I got time…
I would like to get this project moving along however, I reach my points of difficulty while I am only 10 months in using unity and blender. While transferring art work from my wife to the computer and then bouncing between my Game Design Document, back to my game menu to reimport the new one, to reupdate GDD, and back to needing to code the very beginning demo for kickstarter yet realize this is going to work as a crowdsourced idea unless I spend some time on the community building aspects of reaching out there at least with art and posts like this. Also doing work on my understandings of how anchoring and prefab work all ties together in creating the desired outcome I am aiming for. Thinking about how will be the best way to bring great artwork done on paper out side of a computer into an animated state for this simple game to have these animations bring life to the battlefield. While I have learned a good amount in blender course through here(which yes I still need to finish. I am unsure if I feel I can say I am “done” with my bunny), as well as through my own ventures I definitely don’t see that in terms of time right now and getting the app part happening, that its needed for me to recreate a 3-d of our Collectors Layer. One day I look forward to it, yet not in this moment.

Lets be real… it’s all a lot. And there are some tough times. I know I risk my idea… However get this… I don’t think were limited to ideas. I think that the meeting and co-creation of things is how they end up being things better than you could have ever imagined. We are dedicated to making it through these challenges. I thank GameDev for being here as a place I can post things like this.

As I learn more and more, I just need to stick with it. Im not super proud of my c# however I feel comfortable in the systems to some degree. Totally willing to show transparency in that. I am personally doing the course work that seems like what I must do next in the progression of this games demo, however that timeline doesn’t work long term. Which leads me to why start and build my whole system around it? Seems highly problematic, merely in theory, let alone how much I have tried. It seems that it is more apt to meet the people who are interested in these areas as I can not possibly expect myself to be able to do that many things at once. So … the creative mind strikes again… We need Some people good with Unity. In programming, setting up Photon server. However we REALLY welcome artists who dig the idea that we are making and could work with us… First App;

Which is:

Sci-fi App; First App (after Demo For Kickstarter) Android, iOS

In a dimension past the nexus yet connected to many dwells an ethereal collector. It passes the veils and tears through the inter dimensional time rifts, able to be, yet never take form in. With a powerful prismatic light it captures the code of things as prints. Traversing back to its layer, where it continuously creates its unique arenas, magical shop, forge of new creations and adds to it’s collectors database. The creations grow and develop, the collector forms bonds with the entities. Building arenas which it puts together complex decks to battle out with dynamic strategies. It’s unique arenas bring prismatic aspects, intense battle moments and diverse play abilities to an intriguing universe of creations!

So currently my wife is doing these backgrounds while I am busy searching out a good ways of forming a team around this idea and multitasking learning and familiarizing myself with as much as possible(however then I run into things like .net depreciation facts and all the business with things changing and can trip down roads unneeded for my current journey). We both feel the idea has wings and it is just laying on the floor… yet too heavy to get flying by ourselves. However we both have so much to be able to put forth to help it.

Anyways. Most likely another piece of writing of mine that will be considered SPAM… My inner self has all too many jokes about what that stands for. Anyways… So despite some peoples(including mine) hesitancy from sharing game ideas in place due to fear… One can not let fear run their life that much… Here is one of our in game screenshots…

So its all a WIP, this is filled with placeholders however is the general set up of the first battle field. Its a Cut throat board (3 players). Gabe is working on drawing up cards for use. As you can see our cards are unique like the rest of it.

I do have a Game Design Document that it like any good one undergoing revision while the idea is being formulated.

We have a bit of comic fun that we have planned for the main menu. I am interested in having this become a really intriguing game. That includes variations of playing the app without just being tied into the PvP aspect of this in game area. I just feel that the game, its team will be supported off of the core of this.

I look forwards to meeting others who are wanting to be a part of the creative process as well. I mean that as in being more than just a position(only if desired), in the forming of this game. We feel we have rather realistic goals, which are achievable.
Right now I am eager to finish my demo of my block breaker game to show the world where I am at, thus people who may be interested in responding to a post like this, might be more inclined to. I figure some degree of shameless promotion seems necessary to get through all the systems.

Well that’s probably as much time as I should allow myself on this channel.
Back to figuring out my current situation with learning Unity. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Ian and Gabriel Broussard

(I will state that this last picture has button transparency issues I have fixed sense. My battlefield I must rebuild due to personal errors made in where I placed the board. under GUI not camera- leading to my prefab scale issue that I am currently resolving my understanding of.)

I am looking for feedback, critic, opinion.

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