Homemade Placeholders - Player Ship Asset

Hi! I preferred to create more detailed placeholders than use a model from the Asset Store (due to import issues, among other things). So the previous aircraft has a new design :paintbrush: :art:

First, some sketches of the vehicles in the game:

:helicopter: The main character has a name: The Balduzard aircraft. Under the wings, you can see the three different weapons available (red for standard, green for nets, blue for EMP).

:bullettrain_front: The TGV.

:oil_drum: The club car has a landing pad to reload ammo and refuel the Balbuzard.

:gun: Two cars also have defense turrets. I hope to learn how to code that later in the course.

:pirate_flag: The Amazons

:bomb: Drone Type Marpesia: it carries a bomb and could drop it on the train. You must shoot it first otherwise :boom:

:fire: Drone Type Lampedo : A drone with a powerful cutting torch. Its purpose is to breach the hull and expose the crew to other drones’ firearms.

:gun: Drone Type Penthesilea: With a machine gun, this drone is here to shoot you. Or the crew if exposed.

:gun: :gun: Drone Type Hyppolita: The biggest drone with two huge machine guns. It could land and drill the ground to secure itself in front of the train. Massive and deadly threat :skull:

:balloon: Mothership Type Thalestris: Last but not least, the Mothership is full of small Amazons and should be neutralized or new waves could arrive soon.

:mountain: I reworked the terrain to be more related to train-following gameplay. And there is a checkpoint tunnel placeholder to close the level (or part of the level).

For now I need to sleep but I will upload a video soon :sleeping: :video_camera:


Wow I’m truly impressed. You put a lot of time, attention and detail to everything. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see the end results.

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Thank you for the encouragements :pray:t5:

Here is the whole timeline with drones in motion (comments in French only, sorry):

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