Hola EveryOne :D

Hi Everyone,

My name is Pablo and I´m a senior doing an animation project on a Biblical Issue.
During my time in my 3.5 years of High School I led a 3D modeling elective for about 3 years. I also had a few projects that dealt with 3D modeling. Additionally, I successfully completed a DigiPen programming course, and I also had an internship with a local gaming company called FunBits.

Looking forward to learning even more about animations and 3D modeling.

Blessings to everyone,

Pablo . L

Hi Everyone! I just started the Blender course at work yesterday. I am very excited about the possibilities! I am a scientist and my boss bought me an Ultimaker 3 3D printer and scanner and told me to build a 3D fabrication lab. I decided to start with Blender instead of a CAD program because Blender offers animations and 3D gaming possibilities. It is very versatile. I know it can be used for 3D model printing.

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